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We offer a special program for foreign manufacturers. SQBG serves the entire producer -

to - consumer supply chain.

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Location: Eastern Europe (Neighbors are
Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova,
Russia, and Belarus. Ukraine is part of former
Soviet Union or USSR, one of the NIS states
(“Newly Independent States”).
Population: about 48 million.
Area: 603,000 km2 (slightly larger than France
and slightly smaller than Texas)

Capital: Kyiv
Languages: Ukrainian and Russian
Climate: Temperate continental, except for a
small strip of Crimea’s southern coast, which has
a Mediterranean climate.
Date of independence: August 24, 1991

Economy: Ukraine is an industrial-agrarian
Ukraine is a unique piece of land. This country
possesses more than 30% of the world’s richest
black soil. In a current difficult economic climate,
agriculture is a constantly growing sector
that is augmenting its export capacity. Today,
Ukraine ranks as one of the three world’s largest
grain exporters.

Ukraine exports grain, metal and imports a lot of
equipment, spare parts, building materials,
textiles, food and more.

Just few general facts to get you acquainted a little bit with our country:

SQBG is an industrial consulting agency, number 1 in Ukraine! We are on the market since 2011.

We have been in business serving international and local businesses for 10 years.

Our clients work in different branches of business.
More than 300 projects for Ukrainian business and foreign companies. Among our customers there are global manufacturers.

You may have a look at our portfolio to make sure of the validity of our words!


 Ukraine is a large and     
    promising market! 

    export to Ukraine!